Local millennial Amber Robinson (26) received a reminder that when you’re living paycheque to paycheque, it’s not just the taxman who is hitting you up for cash. 

Recently the young socialite was swindled out of an amount equivalent to an hours pay at her hospitality job at a cafe that took full advantage of penalty rate cuts. 

Earlier in the week while attending a performance of her singer/songwriter friend Gavin Bowles (31), Robinson was forced to buy one of his self-produced CDs or risk being branded a bad friend and enemy of the arts.

Although Robinson privately does not consider herself to be a fan of Bowles unashamedly bold, Jebediah-derivative brand of rock, she agreed to purchase his EP after his seventh mid-set reminder that he had put his music onto compact discs.

“20 bucks each or two for 25,” stated Bowles as if any price would have been acceptable. 

“I’ll give you change when I’ve got some smaller notes.”

With smiles painted on, the two completed the transaction trying to act as if Spotify doesn’t exist and ignoring the fact that Robinson, being a young human, does not own a CD player.

After spending the remainder of her drink budget on an antiquated form of audio format, Robinson contemplated if Bowles knows how disrupting his lifestyle is to those who still care about his dreams.

“Seven tracks? Are you fucking kidding?”

More to come.


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