While successfully being able to pretend he isn’t from the country most of the time, one Tamworth man has exposed himself after ordering a ‘ham & pineapple’ pizza at a high-end Sydney Italian diner.

Bill Goucher (30) was making good ground on his blind date with a friend of a friend, before he ordered the iconic regional Australian dish at a Michelin-hatted Italian restaurant.

The blind date, a 25-year-old sales professional by the name of Anna, says she was shocked that he didn’t even make the effort to say ‘Hawaiian’.

“They probably wouldn’t have been so shocked if he said something else like Hawaiian or Havana…”

“They asked him if that’s what he meant to say and he said no”

Bill was stern in sticking to his original order

“No. I didn’t mean Hawiian”

“I would like a Ham and pineapple thanks. Do you do it on the thick crust?”

While showing the confidence of someone who definitely has enough money to get what he wants regardless of how uncultured he looks, the waiters at Guido El Rossi were quick to rush through Bill’s order which involves roughly four ingredients.

After two hours of seemingly unnoticed culture clashes the Sydney-based grain trader asks if he can order two Bundaberg rum and cokes ‘without the pre-mix shit’.

“I want the real Coca-Cola, if you don’t mind. Send one of these young fellas across the road to get 1.25L if you have to”



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