Forget Flying Fish Restaurant or Doltone House Wharf, Noodle King ChinaTown will be the scene for this year’s Sydney Morning Herald’s Christmas party extravaganza.

In a sad day for the crumbling newspaper giant, the venue with the “Best noodle in Sydney,” was just about it for the rapidly declining team of journos, photographers and sub editors at the paper.

An organiser said that budget measures were tantamount when deciding which venue to host the end of year festivities.

“We can’t afford to go splashing cash on cocktails and canapes. And look, it’s the first time our team has been small enough to fit into a place like that. So why not!”

The move has outraged seasoned veterans at the paper; one insider who refused to be named said:

“They cannot be fucking serious. I’m not going. It’s embarrassing.”

“Why should we split the bill at an upstairs Chinese restaurant surrounded by mirrors when they have gone ahead and put on a huge spread for inside the Opera House. It’s rubbish.”

A Senior Executive at Fairfax Media explained that “Domain is the only thing making us money. It’s propping up our empire, if you would still call it that. Of course we are going look after them.”

He further stated that “We are having trouble cutting all the fat with these redundancies. Hopefully this condescending Christmas party pushes a few of the ones that hold themselves to such high esteem over the edge and they just resign.”

Mr Li, the owner of the restaurant says he is very excited to host the event and will look after them very well.


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