Flume's mother, Nellie, drops off his USB before his Sydney concert


It was panic stations in the high-rises and harbour-side mansions of Flumes management team recently as word spread that Flume, just hours before the first leg of his national tour, had left his USB stick at home.

Tour promoter Jo ‘Money’ Baggs expressed his anger in an unofficial statement recently.

“He has two fucking jobs to do, keep his hair looking great and bring his USB stick. We do everything else. We supply the laptop and the pretend cardboard drum machines and stuff, we even supply a personal trainer to warm up his neck for when he does his little head bobs.”

A bashful Flume (real name Harley Raudonikis) said he “just forgot”.

“There’s always a long list of things to remember to take on tour. Phone, charger, brille cream, condoms. You always forget something. This time it just happened to be the whole show”.

“These predatory A&R blokes can shut the hell up. I’ll do the best I can and bring them along for the ride, if they are lucky”

“I produced the fucking thing. It’s all good to talk up how easy everything is from the head office, these blokes make a heap of coin and all they have to do is make sure I’m alive?”

All was not lost though. In a stroke of luck, Flumes mother, Nellie, had just finished a basic computers course at the Cremorne library and was well equipped to take action when the distress call came through.

“Yeah, Harls rang and I could hear they were really stressing out about it. He had the set saved on his desktop under HarlsRoolz.mp3 so he guided me through the process of emailing it to Jo, who’s laptop he uses on the stage”

Asked if he had learned his lesson, Flume insisted, “it won’t happen again. It’s in the cloud now anyway, so as long as we have access to 3G or higher on site, I’m safe”.

You can still catch Flume on his current national tour now (except regional shows).


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