12 December, 2016. 15:33

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GAVIN TURNER WAS ON a plane to New Zealand last week when an air hostess asked if there was a doctor on the plane.

He confidently rose his hand, considering he’d just graduated from university earlier this year. Despite his experience, the 24-year-old knew he had to step up to the plate. He was ready.

“I’m a doctor,” he said. “What’s going on?”

As it so happened, a man in business class was having a stroke and the flight crew were debating whether to turn the plane around or keep pressing on to Aotearoa.

Arriving on the scene, with 68-year-old civil engineer Graham Coolidge speaking in tongues as the left side of him slowly died, Gavin had to explain that he wasn’t that type of doctor, he was a chiropractor.

Mr Turner is a part of a growing trend which has seen chiropractors galavanting as doctors.

The CSIRO has reported that nearly half of all back, spine and neck specialists in Australia use the title of ‘doctor’ – which has lead to the industry and legitimate medical professionals feeling disappointed.

“They’re not real doctors,” said a Royal College of Surgeons spokesman. “It’s a pseudoscience.”

“It’s especially hard when they’re mistaken for real medical professionals, instead of the mumbo-jumbo witch doctors they are. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good and shit, but they’re not real doctors.”

More to come.


  1. Interesting article …… given that no Gavin Turner is registered on the AHPRA website as a chiropractor, the vague CSIRO report and the unknown Royal College of Surgeons spokesperson.

    Thought there was a smell coming from my computer when reading it, hence its time to call bull$#it on this article!!!

    An article clearly geared for a special interest group to be able to post on twitter.

  2. Interesting article given no Gavin Turner is listed on the AHPRA website as a registered chiropractor. Combine this with vague CSIRO report and the unnamed spokesmen from the Royal College of Surgeons (which is the UK college) and it’s time to call bulls#&t on this article

    The perfect article to be posted on a special interest groups twitter.

  3. I love those responses from nearly a year ago. Identical, and the chiro goofs actually took the article seriously. Oh you chiropractor, you crack me up with your funny ways.


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