A local multi-mutli-millionaire is desperately trying to tie up some lose ends today, as the public service week comes to a close.

Mascot Opal (54) says he needs to sink his construction company before anything goes wrong.

“All this fucking paperwork, red tape fucking bull shit,” said the stressed property developing Dover Heights home owner.

“I need to wrap up the construction company I made in my wife’s name and used for those developments a couple of years ago before the cracks start appearing,” he said.

His panic came about this week, after the horrific collapse of a Miami building that has left 18 people dead and 145 unaccounted for.

The cause of the collapse is yet to be officially confirmed, but it’s been revealed that concerns about the structural integrity of the building were raised in a letter months before the collapse.

A 2018 report also highlighted the dangerous nature of the structural faults.

That shocking failure of the system follows recent evacuations of Sydney high-rise buildings which were built by dodgy developers who cut corners to cash in as much as possible on the over-inflated housing market.

The horrifying Miami collapse has now lead a swarm of very rich Sydney developers like Mascot to try and absolve themselves of liability going forward.

“I made the company for the high rise development that was signed off by a dodgy private certifier in my wife’s name,” said the stressed developer.

“Which is ideal in regards to defects because she owns no assets.”

“But if this thing collapse, she’s going to fucking jail, so I need to try and move things around and sink this company to the bottom of the harbour.”

“Blame the private certifiers that are pressured into signing off on things that are dangerous because they want to get paid.”

He then went back to arguing with some public servant.

More to come.


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