A local store for a giant Supermarket chain has been commended for lavishing it’s overworked and lowly paid employees this weekend.

The Betoota Heights store whose employees earn a tiny bit above minimum wage reportedly treated its staff to a Christmas Party function at the shittest pub in the area, FitzGilGoooleys.

With the party pies, sausage rolls, and cheerios flowing, the staff were able to enjoy two free drinks on the house.

This comes after the company made a billion or so dollars in profits, on top of paying the upper echelon of the company the big bucks.

While plenty of staff made sure to get down there in a show of solidarity with their fellow employees, the store’s manager didn’t manage to turn up because he’d attended a ritzy all expenses function at a 5-star hotel in Brisbane for the higher brass at the company.

“Hey, everyone got to get pints instead of schooners which isn’t something to sniff at,” explained the Deli Manager who treats his staff like shit and expects everyone to be thankful for the party – like they should be thankful for the fact that he gives them work at a huge company that makes profits off the back of paying their staff fuck all and suppliers even fucking less.

“Also, everyone’s getting a 25 dollar voucher to spend at the Deli for Christmas. So let’s just ease up with the criticism, shall we.”

More to come.


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