A local girl who knows every DJ in town has spoken to The Advocate today, offering her dieting tips and tricks for maintaining a slim figure.

A real estate admin assistant by day, club rat by night, Sienna Mitchell is yet another member of the Betootanese community who appears to have jumped onboard the intermittent fasting trend, and is more than happy to tell everyone about it despite not being asked.

Often spotted stumbling through Betoota’s nightclub district with eyes wide like a Southern BooBook Owl, Sienna said she credits her incredibly slim physique to her routine of not eating or sleeping for 72 hours over the weekend, aided by the power of recreational substances.

Speaking to The Advocate as she gingerly opens her laptop on the front desk of Hanson & Hanson Real Estate, Sienna told our reporter that the trick to intermittent fasting is to just “make it work for you”.

“Fridays we do drinks in the office, and then we usually end up at Chairman Mao’s Lounge round the corner, and that’s when my fasting officially kicks off,” Sienna told our reporter.

“And then by early Saturday morning I’m downstairs at Club Toot and the rest of the weekend is a bit of a blur if I’m honest.”

Slurping from a pink straw protruding from a maxi size can of Redbull, Sienna admitted that she was now starting to feel a little peckish as she looks to break her three day fast.

“I think I might have had a bite of someone’s kebab in the early hours of Sunday morning, besides that the only thing I’ve eaten since Friday morning is seven disco biccies.”

“Anyway I’m starting the week right and getting a Poke bowl for lunch, do you want one?”

More to come.


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