A Betoota dad took a fresh bullet to the foot today as a guilty pleasure pit stop at Maccas was ruined by a young trainee greeting him with ‘What’s up?’.

A someonewhat traditional fellow, local newsagent Sam Dovids loves hiding things from his wife such as the fact that he stops in for a feed at Maccas anytime he knows his wife is making apricot chicken for dinner.

However, his old fashioned values are what has got this geezer in a flurry as he was greeted at the counter by a teenage trainee who asked Dovids ‘What’s Up?’.

“I beg your pardon?” asked Dovid who still can’t use the self service machine after zero attempts.

“Try again.”

After serving a mean eye to the teenage trainee who was making his cupholder shrapnel in hourly pay, Dovids stood there in silence, collected his large double filet-o fish meal and made his way to a vacant table while continuing to stare daggers at the rebellious youngen.

“Honestly, does she think I’m an American skateboarding dude or something?”

“‘What’s up?’ she asks me, what happened to customer service? It used to be, good evening sir, how are you? How can I please assist you in feeding your cravings this evening? Would you like to add an egg for just 20 cents sir? Perhaps a nice wig would suit you sir?”

“This bloody fish burger doesn’t even taste any good now!”



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