A local man who was initially skeptical about the authenticity of a newly opened takeaway spot was relieved of his doubts after spotting a studious child diligently doing homework in plain view from the kitchen’s back door.

The restaurant, named “Taste of North India ” raised eyebrows among the community, with there already being a restaurant called “North India Flavour” a suburb over. 

Critics were quick to question the legitimacy of this new restaurant on the block, challenging an already established institution in the area. Including Henry Lee (26), the man at the centre of the incident.

“You can’t just come to this town and practically copy the name of North India Flavour, that place is not only an institution in the community, but it also has an extremely original, unforgettable name.” Henry said.

While Henry’s protectiveness of his beloved takeaway restaurant was front and centre in his mind, one late night he found that he had no other choice than to support this new, copycat takeaway, that conveniently happens to be a lot closer to his house.

“I can’t lie, I was going in their extremely bias, looking for any clues to what I should be expecting.”

“Problem was though, it ticked every box; Faded poster of Hindu god, check, fridge full of mango lassies, check, two men speaking a language I couldn’t understand except for the names of Aussie cricket players, check.”

The tide was starting to turn on Henry’s opinion of “Taste of North India”, not to be confused with the original “North India Flavour”.

“Then I saw it, the final thing I needed to see to know this place was the real deal.”

“A kid in the back focusing on his homework, it was then my allegiance changed, I didn’t even need to try the food.”

“If there’s a 12 year old doing homework, you know the family running this operation don’t mess around and only want to give you the greatest food possible.”


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