If you’re a business-owning boss like me then you’re no doubt still reeling in disgust at the fact that the government continues to wrongly crack down on bosses who avoid paying their ungrateful staff their super “entitlements”. 

‘Wage theft’ they have the audacity to call it. Yea right. How can it be wage theft when it’s your money not theirs? And let’s not forget about the fact that they’re already getting a bloody wage on top of all this!

What kind of communist operation has our once free market and neo-liberal democracy become? John Howard must be rolling over in his grave assuming he’s dead. 

Jeff Kennett would agree with me when I say that boss business owners – especially those in retail and hospitality – should have the right to avoid paying staff their super if it will help the business grow.

After all, Australia’s concentrated wealth was built on the back of the brave men and women that had the guts to get out there and have a go at creating a business that put profits over people wherever possible.

It is harder than ever to get away with it these days, though. Just ask George Calombaris. Poor bastard thought it’d be easy to avoid paying 500 odd staff their super entitlements but no sir. Not since the left wing socialist agenda became mainstream and honest business owner celebrity boss chefs like Georgie boy were left out in the cold. Mind you, maybe Georgie boy took it too far when he decided to not even pay staff their actual wage, too. That’s technically slavery.

And on top of this, the federal government has raised the minimum wage by 5.2%! Joe Hockey be damned! What is going on here? Not even Gerry Harvey knows anymore. 

Clive Palmer once told me that the only way to avoid paying staff their super entitlements is to either let your mine go into administration or get professional help. And I agree. You can’t do it alone, get the help you need to keep the wage theft secret.

Talk to your account today, but only after you’ve spoken with your lawyer. These professionals will help you continue to actively avoid paying your staff their super entitlements and help your business thrive.

Remember, it’s not their money until you get caught!


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