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The Sunrise Cash Cow has taken to social media this morning to call for an increase to the NewStart allowance.

Just yesterday, the nation’s most popular breakfast television show was widely condemned for referred to Australians on the unemployment benefit as ‘dole bludgers’.

That didn’t sit right with Cash Cow, who explained via SnapChat this morning that calling our country’s most marginalised and vulnerable names is ‘not on’.

“I’m breaking ranks; I don’t agree with that. NewStart should be raised. And people on NewStart aren’t ‘bludgers’. It’s a fucking safety net. I can’t sit idly by while the bourgeois pigs who run this network continue to belittle the struggles of people down on their luck,”

“It’s hard enough raising a calf in this country without this bullshit,”

“This might get me fired but I don’t care. Kochie is an economist, he knows that raising Newstart would put money straight back into the economy. But he can’t say anything because he’d be off the couch and back writing puff pieces for Bell Potter before his head stopping spinning. Ride with me, comrades.”

The Advocate reached out to Sunrise for comment but the producer our reporter requested to speak to was in a meeting with world-renown expert on Islam and terrorism, Pauline Hanson.

They said they’d call us back.

More to come.


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