In an effort to end Darwin’s organised crime syndicate’s brazen black market trade of soy sauce, a secret unit of special agents have been recruited by the AFP.

The Federal Police are working in partneship with the under-resourced Top End police to squash illegal activities by aggressively enforcing Prohibition laws against the Northern Territory mafia.

This follows the ‘soy sauce prohibition’ letter sent to Northern Territory retailers and grocers that warns selling oriental condiment could violate liquor law.

Some brands of soy sauce and other household cooking items could soon only be available to buy at licensed premises in Alice Springs, after several retailers in the town were sent a warning letter by the NT Government

Retailers need a liquor licence to sell any product over 50mL that contains 1.15pc ethyl alcohol or more or face violating the Liquor Act.

This has reportedly resulted in a blackmarket outfit of soy sauce bootlegging, lead by the mysterious Northern Territory business identity Al Kikkoman.

With illegal moonshine soy sauce being shipped in from Indonesia, and hillbilly families running crates of it through the Northern Territory rainforests in heavily modified muscle cars – the state and federal government have had to act quick.

Enter: The Untouchables.

Lead by the street smart prohibition agent Elliot Hotmess, the special unit is made up of marksmen, drivers and stand-over merchants with one mutual goal. Cleaning the streets of the Territory and ensuring all vanilla essence extract and soy sauce is sold only by retailers who have the appropriate liquor licenses.

Mr Hotmess spoke to Betoota Advocate journalists earlier today about the task ahead.

“Doubts race through my mind as I consider the feasibility of enforcing a law which the majority of honest citizens didn’t seem to want” he said.

“But as a Northern Territory cop, I relish the opportunity to be heavy handed with every day citizens and at-risk members of our society”

It was at this moment that Mr Hotmess was cut off by a reporter, who told him he didn’t agree with those methods.

“Yeah, well… You’re not from Darwin”



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