A Betoota Dolphins front-rower has confirmed to The Advocate that he’s got a fair inkling about what it feels like to bring another life into this world.

Speaking to us today, Andrew Paulson explained that he was made aware of how painful childbirth could be after finally pulling the strapping off his ankle.

Leaving the strapping on his hairy leg for the better part of a week, Paulson said that he couldn’t handle the itching anymore, and he knew it was time to bite the bullet.

“I know, I should have shaved my ankle before I put it on. I know, but I forgot, just like I forget to talk the bins out and I forget to put my cups in the dishwasher.”

“I asked my girlfriend to rip it off quickly, which shit took far too much pleasure in, but it still hurt so fucking much,” said the husky prop.

“I guess I know how painful it is to give birth [haha]” he laughed rubbing his now very smooth ankle.

Paulson’s girlfriend, Alicia Hibbert confirmed that he did make almost as much noise as someone going through childbirth.

“He was wriggling around and carrying on before I even started to rip,” she said.

“And when I did rip it off, which took all of half a second, he was yelling and like he’d been shot in the knee cap.”

“I thought he was going to cry. He’s pathetic.”


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