Increased amounts of video content in recent years means book readers have enjoyed a niche positioning as societal outcasts due to them being better than everyone else.

One such sect within this pious community are the Kindle readers who invested money to abandon their paperback cousins for the sanctimonious world of ebooks. 

Although divided on the merit of physical pieces of paper that can be placed on the shelf, the reading community remains united on one thing: talking about reading.

Evidence of this emerged on a train in Betoota’s Old City District when commuter Lynn Hyde (56) found herself being interrupted while reading her Kindle but didn’t mind when she realised it was a chance to talk about her Kindle.

“Yes I am reading The Handmaid’s Tale on my Kindle,” stated Hyde, holding her Kindle next to her face as if to impersonate a before/after comparison.

“Good book. Great Kindle.”

The interrupter in question found themselves at the mercy of Hyde’s observations of novels that were adapted into tv that is reported to be as jarring as an electronic ink screen.

“What’s also good is Gone Girl. I’d lend it to you but I read it on my Kindle. Haha, you should get one.”

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate the woman who interrupted Hyde during her fated Kindle read stated she never even asked about the book to begin with.

“I just asked if this train was stopping in the French Quarter. It didn’t.”


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