Local motorist, Josh Croucher (34) is high on life after today’s interaction with a traffic controller, who was directing cars around a new road sealing project in the back streets behind his Betoota Heights office.

After roughly four to five minutes of uncomfortable eye contact, the traffic controller received radio confirmation that motorists were now allowed to cross the intersection. His signal was met with a very blokey two finger wave from the local printing salesman.

Josh was seen to be transitioning very slowly into a lighter gear, while waiting for the lollipop man to acknowledge the wave that he had given in response to the initial signal to drive past.

“Yeah. It’s just what we do around here” he says.

“Just give ’em a wave. They are out here all day”

The traffic controller in question says it’s not uncommon to get the old two-finger, or even three-finger wave from dorky suits driving around the suburb.

“I get like 386 two-finger waves a day. These people don’t even know me”

“I don’t wave at them when they sign off on a sale of 500 menus for the local pizza joint, why do they wave at me?”

“I’m just doing my job”

“I’ve tried to not even make eye contact and just signal to the car as a whole – instead of the person in it, but they usually slow down until they are looking at me out the driver window”

Josh says seeing these blokes out here working the roadside reminds him of his two month stint as a labourer before he attended uni 15 years ago.



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