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Snapchat, Instagram, Bebo? It doesn’t matter where you post it, just as long as you do it!

A new study released by government pseudoscience agency, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), has found that it’s not actually hot outside until people start posting pictures of a car outside temperature reading.

It makes for disturbing reading.

As the mercury climbs locally above 50 this afternoon at Remienko Domestic Airport, thousands of ordinary Betootanese people have started posting pictures of their car’s readings to social media.

“That means it’s hot outside,” said BOM spokeswoman Amersynth Sandlewood.

“When people start doing that, I mean. You never see people sharing fairly ordinary reading, like a 38 or 40. But when the temperature is very hot, you tend to see more photos of these readings on social media,”

“As for it being official, it’s not officially hot, according to us at the Bureau, until these pictures start emerging.”

Local law clerk, Jennifer Pearson, told The Advocate this morning that when she got into her late model Honda Jalopy to drive to work today, she noticed an absurdly high reading on the outside temperature gauge.

“I had to let other people know it was hot,” she said.

“So I did what I had to do, I sent it to my closest 400 friends on Snapchat. Got some messages back confirming that it is also hot where my friends are,”

“Gosh, it is hot.”

More to come.


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