Karl Stefanovic has confirmed that he had to lay it on this week to earn a few points with his new fiance’s extended family at a low-key Tuesday evening session in Brisbane’s CBD.

The co-host of Channel 9’s Today Show, who recently become engaged to Brisbane model and fashion designer Jasmine Yarbrough, was coerced by his new squeeze into giving the mechanical bull at Johnny Ringo’s a nudge.

“Come on babe, just give it a try… For my uncles. It doesn’t matter if you fall off they just wanna see if you’ve got the sack” Yarbrough reportedly said after a few chandys at the infamous Brisbane nightspot.

Our reporters were told that Stefanovic was hesitant at first, however a few indirect stabs at his ego were enough to get him on the iconic mechanical bull and appeal to his new partner’s families Queenslander sensibilities.

“Alright” he said.

I’ll do it, babe” said the Darlinghurst-born part-time Queenslander, already plotting a phone call debrief in the Uber with his brother.

“Clear the way you concrete Cowboys!”

After some kerfuffle, Stefanovic mounted the bull as our exclusive pictures reveal before he was unceremoniously cast across the mat like a sack of potatoes.

However, Yarbrough confirmed that even though Stefanovic’s lack of physical prowess was sexually repulsive, the fact that he gave it ago was enough for the in-laws.

“Good on ya mate. You done well” said Yarborough’s Uncle Brangus from Charter’s Towers.

“Glad I didn’t have to pull the rubber ring out”


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