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A retired local magistrate has weighed into the ‘vapid-cunt-gate’ sweeping controversy that’s making waves in the Australian media sphere – telling The Advocate that the journalist responsible for it and the news media organisation who published it have no case.

They have no case because the remarks were not defamatory because they were ‘true’.

Justice Wanda Redhorse, who served on the Queensland bar for over 30 years, enjoyed a strong cappuccino with our reporter this afternoon while she outlined her opinion on the ‘case’.

“There is no case to answer to,” said the popular Gemini.

“The Daily Mail is protected under Section 41A of the Copyright Act (1968) because they publish fake news and the reporter who published the article is protected from defamation and libel because, from a legal point of view, the contestants of that television show are ‘vapid cunts who are only interested in growing their social media presence,'”

“Any and all further ‘legal action’ by any contestant should be treated as a mere publicity stunt. The fact you and I are even talking about it now makes me weep for the future of this fine, albeit deeply troubled, country.”

The Advocate reached out to the show’s production company and Channel 10 for comment and have yet to receive a reply.

However, one former contestant on the show, who has been forced to return to real life, did reach out to our reporter today and confirmed that he is too a vapid cunt.

Asking to remain anonymous, the former reality TV show star explained just how vapid he is and how much he was able to capitalise on his newfound social media fame.

“I got sent a few free things, like men’s perfumes and t-shirts,” he said.

“But I wasn’t good enough to get a start on commercial radio. I got a job at a radio station but it was only to help pull the asbestos out of the roof in the Brisbane office when they did the rennos,”

“Be yeah, I am a real vapid cunt. I will do anything for money or fame. Can you guys give me a shoutout for doing this interview? Honestly, though. I can’t go back to the farm now. Dad’ll put me on the head bale all day without a break and make me mouth steers till the cows come home.”

More to come.


  1. The Vapid Qunts thing in the Daily mail was the first honest decent and truthful thing I have ever read in said publication.
    Unlike THIS esteemed organ.


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