A local weather reporter, who doesn’t miss a good social event, has this evening been spotted attending the opening of a local resident’s mail.

Jazmyn Kerr, who is the weekend weather expert for Betoota’s local news broadcast on Channel 10, surprised the owner of the house in which she appeared with her new beau, Betoota Dolphins’ fullback, Sean Armstrong.

“She was all dolled up and standing in the kitchen” said homeowner Karen. “I’d just knocked off from a shift at the hospital and began going through the days mail. She was looking for champagne and kept asking when the canapés were coming out”.

Ms Kerr, who is often seen in the social pages of the Betoota Advocate, seemed to be enjoying herself, with a number of photos uploaded to numerous social media platforms. Mostly they were taken by herself, though some, she admits, Karen agreed to take.

“I was really looking forward to this night” Ms Kerr said. “I thought it would be a great chance to finally go public with Sean and I’s relationship. We were still in the early stages for the last gathering, which was when my Aunty Christine opened her car door”.

Sean appeared to be mostly absent from the main festivities.  “I think he was a bit under the weather, the poor thing” said Karen. “He was in the bathroom a lot and he had a sniffle. I made him a lemon honey tea which seemed to perk him up. He was quite chatty by the end of the night”.

You can check out the photos on Jazmyn’s Instagram, or catch her and Sean in person in three weeks when her best friend Monique is set to a new tab in her internet browser.


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