Mia Nguyen (20) shocked her peers today.

The young Media and Arts Production student at the Betoota Polytechnic was simply out purchasing lunch with a couple of her friends from university, when she caused a stir.

Nguyen, like most of the students in town lives pretty week to week with with most of the cash from her Youth Allowance and part time job going towards a room in a French Quarter share house.

After that, she has to outlay a fair chunk of her disposable income on other early university year necessities like weed and alcohol.

As you can probably imagine, that doesn’t leave a whole lot left for much else.

So that’s why her friends were taken aback when Nguyen asked for avocado on her footlong subway.

The Brisbane woman said that she had a bit of money left over for the week and like all good young hedonists, felt like she deserved a little treat.

“I had a reasonably big night working on some stupid fucking essay about Foucault and discourse analysis, so if ever I needed something nice it was today,” Nguyen said.

“Besides, I went with the cheap sub of the day so I’m not breaking the bank, and it’s probably going to be my only meal of the day,” she laughed.

Amy Fish, a friend of the eligible bachelorette explained the reaction from the social group.

“It’s just not something you hear that often anymore you know. I mean, that’s a goon sunrise, or a 6 pack of Mi Goreng, but I guess you do have to treat yourself sometimes don’t you.”

“Good on her! I personally would have spent my spare coin on some cookies, but each to their own as they say I guess.”


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