A local woman who just started a new office gig is unsure how long exactly she has to wait before he can really make the office kitchen her own.

Michaela Trevor, 29, recently started working at a large Accounting firm in downtown Melbourne. Alongside the usual perks of working a dead-end 9-5 job for the next 30 years with no end in sight, Ms. Trevor was told that she has access to the office kitchen for use, whenever she wants.

However, Ms. Trevor is aware that if she goes too big, too fast with the kitchen, it can result in her getting an unfavourable reputation with the new colleagues – and possibly trigger them to start finding reasons to terminate her employment.

I made that mistake in my last job”, said Ms. Trevor. “On my first day, I brought in some eggs which I thought I could boil for a nice healthy snack.”

“I spent the next 6 years being called ‘Eggy Micky’ by the boss and everyone I worked with”.

“It really affected my job, and honestly, I get still traumatised every time I step into a vegan grocery store”

“Even the salad I ate for lunch yesterday raised eyebrows”

Ms. Trevor is determined not to make the same errors this time around.

“So far, all I’ve used the kitchen for is awkward small talk about my colleagues’ children, and some peanuts. Hopefully I don’t have to keep doing that. I hate peanuts”.

Trevor is hopeful that, once everyone gets to know her, she’ll have no problems using the kitchen to cook whatever she wants.

“Obviously, eggs have been ruined for me. But hopefully in about a month or so, I can finally start eating that boiled salmon salad I’ve been craving for weeks

However, colleague and immediate rival, Helen from accounts says Michaela has shown her hand.

“Oh. I saw the salad”

“Is she better than us now. Is that what she thinks?”


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