The RSPCA has reminded pet owners around the country today that strict rules on dogs staying outside should be relaxed during thunderstorms.

“We understand that many dogs around the country are classified as “Outside Dogs,” particularly in rural areas, and we respect that,” a statement said.

“But for pity’s sake. Have a bit of a heart. You should relax the rules and let them in if it’s really blueing outside.”

The RSPCA said they weren’t calling for the dogs to be allowed to get up on the couch or anything, but simply to be allowed to lie on the floor around their humans.

Our reporters spoke to local hard case Tony Watson, who owns a property 30 km’s out of Betoota, about the calls to the loosen the rules.

“Yeah, I let em in. You’ve got to. I’ve got a soul you know.”

“It pains me to do it, but I do. When it starts cracking, and the bloody thing looks in through the glass pane in the door, whimpering and slowly wagging its tail – it’s impossible to say no,”  he said.

“It’s a mongrel thing, but I feel awful leaving it out there.”


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