A young mother from Betoota’s family-friendly inner-suburbs has today offered and shallow and insincere apology for the consistent stream of baby photos she has plastered onto social media over the last three months.

Despite the fact that Elodie Marchese (31) says the most recent photo of her 4-month-old gluten-intolerant baby boy, Atticus, will be the last one for a while – her close friends and family know that she will not be able to control herself.

“I’ve been over there with them” says Elodie’s younger brother, Michael (24).

“I think there would be 2000 photos of me and the baby alone. Let alone all the cute stuff he does while it’s just the two of them at home”

Elodie says thing will probably change when the new season of Offspring starts up, or when she goes back to work in a month, but even she seems unconvinced.

“I mean, look, he’s pretty god damn cute” she says before pulling out her iPhone.

“Look at this photo”

Elodie then spends the next ten minutes scrolling through thousands of baby photos to find the one of Atticus wearing the little sailors hat that his grandmother bought him for his 3-month birthday.

“Oh my God! Here it is” she says while shoving the phone in our reporters face.

“I might put that one up now actually”


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