Residents of the Diamantina Shire town Mount Quilby, continue to be unsure about the local noodle bar which is still giving it a go after a year of business.

The noodle bar which operates under the name ‘Nood Central’ has been serving fresh noodles and frozen sides to dozens of adventurous regional dinners each week, with hardworking owner Ian Smith (49) evening opening his store on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

“You never know who’s going to want a massive hit of noodles! Haha! Seriously does someone want one? Now? Haha.”

Smith states that it has been a difficult year for Mount Quilby’s first noodle bar, beginning with the locals protesting the opening of the store, mistaking the calligraphy style font used on the shop front as Chinese characters.

“Yep they were not keen on us to begin with! But as time goes by they’ve stopped spitting on the window as they walk past. Some of them have anyway.”

Dedicated to converting the small town, Smith has made an effort to adjust the vast menu to the local palette offering a butter chicken noodle, ham and cheese dumplings and a dish called Bunnings Snag Stir-Fry consisting of chopped sausage, white bread, onions and your choice of sauce.

“For my money though, I’d recommend the BBQ Oyster bonanza! Fresh oysters, opened from the tin daily!”

Although Smith cannot ignore his non-existent profit margins, he already has his sights on his next big business venture should Nood Central not succeed.

“I’m just going to open up a new noodle bar in another small town. That’s just what us Noodle Nomads do.”



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