Following the breakup of her 18-year marriage, music therapist Leane Arneil (44) has surprised those close to her by going through an unexpected rockabilly phase.

Enjoying some time away from her children for the first time in 15 years, Arneil has finally been able to make time for her single friends who have introduced her the surprisingly addictive world of mid-life rockabilly obsession.

“It started with just a dance class here and then a couple of polka dot heads crafts to go with my polka dot day dresses. Then we got the matching pin-up girl tattoos that was fun. Mine has a little sailor hat on!”

While Arniel’s cool new look has been the talk of the town, there are those who have mixed reactions to her new appearance, particularly her four children.

“She keeps hogging the iPad because she’s on car sales looking for a decent second hand Valiant. And none of us have the guts to tell her but that girl she got the tattoo of looks a lot like the stripper dad left her for.”

Household criticism aside, Arneil said that while she never imagined herself getting a divorce, she is grateful for the opportunity to reinvent herself and states the sky’s the limit.

“Considering joining Lauren’s roller derby team and who knows, maybe I’ll become a flight attendant or something. I could tell people I’m an ‘Air Hostess.’”


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