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In an applaudable act of defiance, Australia’s favourite country rocker, Shannon Noll left a plume of smoke throughout the streets of Tamworth last night after he was overlooked for Golden Guitar nomination.

Eyewitness reports say Nollsy, who needs no introduction, was in full ‘zero-fucks-given’ mode as he entered Tamworth Tyre & Auto at about 5pm yesterday afternoon in a big black shiny car.

One onlooker reported seeing Noll exit the premises with a brand new set of “Eddie McGuires” before lighting them up along the entire length of Peel St.

“Mate he was cooked”. said one local.

“Just did not give a fuck. Good on him”

Others reported Noll yelling out obscenities throughout the display.

Some heard “How’s this for performance of the year, fuckheads?” While other reports included “look at me ya fucks? Do I look like i give a fuck ya fuckin’ wankers?”

and “oi Kernaghan! you’re shit mate!”

Most witnesses sympathised with Noll.

“Well he is Shannon Noll, what about him? It isn’t fair?” said one local woman.

“There’s a few of us a bit salty about it”.

It’s believed three-time nominee Kasey Chambers laughed it off when she heard about Noll’s response yet another bureaucratic robbery.

“She really showed her true colours” said one witness.


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