LEROY PERCIVAL | Central-Coast Queensland Folk-Rock Editor | CONTACT

An outspoken local and avid reader of the works of Murdoch, has come back to his gated community in The Gap today, confident he’s boosted his favourite parties numbers substantially.

The humble optimism came after Cooke pulled a two-hour stint on the corner of Waterworks and Settlement Roads this morning. In a solid effort, he waved to the neighbourhood’s peak hour commuters, who no doubt appreciated the sentiment.

As tensions rise in QLD’s political landscape, Cooke grabbed his camping chair and busted out a spiffy new A-frame, perching himself right amongst the action, in a brave and noble effort.

His decision to hit the front-line came as concerns about the “PC Brigade” began to rise amongst his Sunday men’s cycling group during their post-ride coffee.

“This bloody PC brigade” said Cooke, “I don’t like the bloody PC brigade. Those PC brigader people. PC brigade. Don’t like em at all.”

Not getting much else out of Cooke, we approached other members of his cycling club at their favourite coffee spot. Cooke’s mate, Phillip Collins, echoed his concerns somewhat.

“This bloody PC brigade, they’re making us uncomfortable” he said, adjusting his penis and testicles inside his imperative cycling suit.

“We’ve avoided all these silly little issues our whole lives. Where not gonna start letting them bother us now”

“This bloody PC brigade. It’s getting on our nerves and we really should feel comfortable in our own state”. He then asked “are you reading that?” before running off into a corner with the Courier Mail.


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