A bizarre older man that has spent several decades teaching at local private school has been removed from his role and is no longer spoken about, it has been confirmed.

The school has not clarified whether or not it was retirement, or a forced resignation, but they have said that he is no longer teaching there and aren’t really willing to say anymore than that.

“We have a new teacher now” said a spokesperson for the school.

“She is a prominent school teacher from another prestigious school like ours. Students, this is your new teacher. Say hello to your new teacher”

In fact, the only reminder of this peculiar old man’s tenure as an educational professional is the odd photo of him as a low grade middle school basketball coach in the school year books.

Students aren’t exactly sure what happened to Mr Shardlaw, but they have a pretty good idea.

“Yeah, we always thought he might have been a bit… You know” says one high schooler.

“Surprised it didn’t happened sooner to be honest”

It is not yet known if the termination of Mr Shardlaw’s employment and subsequent removal from the honour boards of the iconic Christian college may have something to do with a current government inquiry, but students have been urged to continue life as normal.


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