Today is a day of particular note for the small country town of Wellington in Central Western New South Wales.

Today is the day the small country town became a big country town (according to it’s residents).

The transitory process was initiated by the global fast food giant McDonalds submitting a Development Application some months ago.

After a bitter and protracted debate between members of the town, the Development Application was finally approved by council today.

The opposition to another obesity and heart disease suppository in rural Australia was led by many older residents and adults who aren’t on ice and have kids.

“It is just terrible that we are going to see another one of these Mcdonalds in the town. Why can’t the kids and tradies just go to the local cafe’s?” asked local resident Bev Turner.

The Lord Mayor of Wellington told Betoota “This is happening. It’s a huge day for Wellington and stuff like this will put us on the map. We may start courting a Coffee Club or Starbucks soon.”

Local crystal methamphetamine enthusiast Tyronne Matthews said that the new Maccas is “going to be sick.”

Now that the decision has gone ahead, rather than argue about whether the town of 4,000 actually needs a second McDonald’s, the big question will be whether the town affectionately known as “Little Antarctica” will need to have it’s name modified.

“Not so little now are we,” said the mayor.


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