A seat belt has somehow been able to diffuse a bad situation better than a cop ever could, by pulling the machine equivalent of ‘not today satan.’

It’s alleged local bloke James Parfitt had gotten into a beef with his roomie about his obnoxious behaviour, when they’d failed to reach an agreement – though it’s likely Jame’s solution of a ‘kick up the ass’ wouldn’t have diffused the situation very much.

When the argument had gotten to a point where it was evident the bad behaviour was simply Jame’s Trojan horse for breaching a larger discussion, the choice words had quickly escalated into a slinging match and some low blows, with Jame’s short stature somehow coming up in the conversation. 

Realising he was either going to deck his roomie or pull out the ultimate KO by mentioning his receding hairline, James had taken the higher road by angrily storming out of the house and swearing some nasty insults under his breath.

However, his irrational temper was quickly pulled into line when he got in his car and attempted to angrily pull down his seat belt, which immediately locked and refused to budge unless he calmed his hand.



As he attempted to wrench the belt down with the same degree of force a couple of times more, James had no other choice but to try again more gently, which gave himself enough time to calm down and re-evaluate his mental state.

More to come


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