A local woman has today ruined a nice meal, after an intrusive thought had her reflecting on the provenance of the spoon she was using.

It’s alleged the 25-year-old teaching student had been out with a classmate when a discussion about the course material had her mind wondering.

As they’d swapped stories over steaming bowls of pumpkin soup, Jessica Bishop had been happily listening to her friend’s troubles when her mind was briefly distracted by the fleeting thought that hundreds of people had used the same utensil.

Pausing mid-sip to evaluate the innocuous-looking spoon, Jessica had momentarily dipped out of the conversation to calculate just how many people she may have touched lips with –  which considering they were dining at a local RSL tavern, could be in the thousands.

A thought made all the worse when she realised a spoon gets way more tongue action than any other utensil.

Dropping the spoon dramatically into the small pool of soup left in her bowl, Jessica offers some sympathetic glances in response to her friend’s story while she considers ordering some finger food instead.

More to come


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