South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has foreshadowed “dramatic plans” to for the state to step away from the national electricity grid “and take control of our own future”, amid concern about further blackouts today.

This comes after 40,000 homes were left without power during intermittent blackouts across the state.

Mr Weatherill said last night’s blackouts were “totally and utterly unacceptable” – “didn’t need to happen” and the state was right to be furious about the failure of a key utility.

As to why the blackouts were happening, Weatherill says it either comes down to an error on the national power grids end, or something much higher up.

“Someone is punishing us” he said.

“We don’t deserve this. We are a state of free-settlers”

The accepted theory between power suppliers, politicians and residents is that the blackouts are a message from God.

“We should be more wary about the way we treat national icons” said one ordained minister from the city of Churches”

“We should have let Shannon back into Crazy Horse”

“It is our fault that Nollsie got arrested and God wants us to know that”

Weatherill says he agrees with this theory.

“We have to step up and take control of our own future, and we are determined to do that.”

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