9 February, 2016. 15:23

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The leader of the Opposition has shrugged off a number of personal attacks from the Prime Minister yesterday by choosing not to remove his sunglasses as he entered the House today.

Bill Shorten was labelled a ‘parasite’ by Malcolm Turnbull yesterday amid a heated exchange during Question Time, to which the PM added that Shorten was also a ‘social climbing sycophant’ and a ‘Toorak rent boy’ – none of which was able to get a rise out of the former union heavy.

“Does it look like I give two fucks about Malcolm Turnbull?” he said. “He said I’ve slid my knees under a lot of Melbourne billionaire’s tables. Ah Hello? Didn’t he have his knees, elbows and shoulders under Kerry Packer’s table? The richest man in Australia? I mean, fuck me, right?”

It’s understood by The Advocate that 49-year-old took a leaf out of Mr Turnbull’s book and made a visit to The Canberra Centre last night where he picked up two pairs of Bailey Nelson sunglasses upon recommendation by Mr Turnbull’s press secretary.

Taking the time to explain to The Advocate this morning, Shorten said that Turnbull’s ‘media boy’ looks like the type of ‘jumped up wine sipper’ that he hopes to personify.

“Turnbull employs the type of androgynous poon that’d pack four pairs of sunglasses for a December business trip to Europe,” he said.

“If that’s what it takes to be a bad boy, then fuck it, what do I have to lose?”

More to come.


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