Real estate agents all over Australia have shared Malcolm Turnbull’s question-time rant about Bill Shorten without having any idea what ‘sycophant’ means, it has been confirmed.

Internet analysts noted two unusual spikes in web-activity emerging from the servers of estate agencies in the aftermath of Turnbull’s tirade: thousands of shares on Facebook of the rant and – twenty minutes later – thousands of “define sicofant” Google searches.

Harry Langley, one of the agents who has lauded the speech, was asked why he shared it.

“Look, I’m not the most political guy most of the time. I’m not sure what triggered Malc, but it’s about time someone put that ex-union boss in his place”

“I had an inkling he was talking about the free-market or some shit. All I know is, I have a feeling it fits my brand and seems to support whatever it is I think my eco-political ideology is.”

“It went around our office like wildfire. Our boss loved it. My dad loved it. The Liberal Party is back!”


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