The operators of North Betoota’s Mink Hotel, also known as The Mink, also know as The Stink has today confirmed all rumours that they don’t care about the violence that frequents their venue on weekends.

What was initially thought to be a horrible cycle that the pub was trapped in, actually appears to be almost calculated.

Former patron, Kenno (38, roofer) says it looks like they actually want trouble.

“We thought it was more of an issue related to the fact that after you have a few fights break out in your pub, the venue’s gotta deal with the fact that pub fights appeal to certain people”

“But then they installed this rum draught tap, and now it actually looks like they want to host a few blues”

Former security guard, Teon (33), says the moment he saw that tap going into the front bar, he handed in his two week’s notice.

“Not worth it, bro” he said.

“This shit is dangerous. They just fill a full schooner to the top with rum and cola premix. There’s not even any ice in it”

“It turns people into zombies. Very violent zombies with very shit chat”

The Advocate reached out to management of The Stink but were told to mind our own business and asked if we wanted to go.


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