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A survey distributed and conducted by Baiame Consolidated Media, The Advocate’s owners, to local newspaper editors and owners has found that in 2018, it’s become increasingly difficult to produce engaging and high-quality April Fools Day content.

Five of the seven newspaper editors in the Betoota Newspaper Editors’ Guild responded to the survey highlighted that the relationship the media has with days such as today has ‘definitely changed’ in recent times.

“You can publish anything these days and even if it’s the most ridiculous thing you can think of,” said the South Betoota Echo‘s editor, Anya Marks.

“Somebody out there will believe it,” she said.

“Which was quite harmless just a few short years ago. Some people might’ve laughed at that person’s ignorance and dim-wittedness. Nowadays, you need to question everything you read because it just might be true. Today has been a rough day.”

The Echo‘s sentiments were echoed by Clancy Overell, the long-time editor of The Advocate.

However, it has always been the editorial policy of The Betoota Advocate not to engage in ‘such juvenile’ and ‘tasteless’ media pranks such as April Fools Day.

“We have not – and will never publish anything other than the truth and proper facts,” he said while peeling a mandarin, tossing the skin on the newsroom floor.

“We aren’t the Betoota Grove Courier or Journée Française. We are a real newspaper that keeps the funny business in the funny pages. There’s a smashing Garfield comic on page thirty-seven. It’s hilarious. We also have Sodoku on page forty if you’re worried about getting dementia.”

The three other newspaper editors did not respond to The Advocate’s request for comment on the survey.

More to come.



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