A Betoota Heights woman has today passed her first piece of legislation.

The aspiring lawyer and casual employee at an Old City District did so this week, after introducing a law that bans the mandatory use of QR codes at venues across Queensland.

Melanie Withnall (23) said she made the change after a heated run-in with an older client who had some strong words to say about the policy.

“Basically, she said the QR check in policy was complete bullshit. It went against her human rights, it was part of an ever-increasing authoritarian government’s plan to coerce its citizens and it was unfair to boomers who can’t use technology,” explained the 2nd year law student working to pay the bills because she doesn’t come from a particularly well off family.

“So, given I make the rules, I told her I would change the rules, and guess what, I have.”

“And, the crazy thing about it is I haven’t even done Constitutional Law yet,” she laughed.

“I hope that old Karen doesn’t come back in and demand I change the mask laws now too, she really didn’t like them either,” explained the underpaid essential worker who often has to bear the brunt of customer’s frustrations because they’ve had a shit day.

“Anyway, I guess I might pursue a career in policy now after this big success.”

More to come.


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