A suburban Thai restaurant of middling quality is just about the only place to have lunch or dinner, without having to get into the car or get a bus.

A recent report by the CSIRO has found that 95% of suburban Australian residents are within walking distance of a Thai restuarant, usually run by a powerful and charismatic matriarchal figure.

Since 2002, the local place-to-get-a-feed-within-walking-distance has been changing drastically in Australia, with the old fish and chip shop rapidly being replaced by Thai restaurants.

The restaurants, which usually specialise in three types of noodle dishes for under eight dollars but ten dollars if you want to have a can of coke with them, can be found in either small metro centres, or on their own in a refurbished suburban house.

When it comes to the locals, it appears the South-East asian business model of making sure you are the only take-away place within 10 blocks in the Australian suburbs, one group of hungover blokes who don’t have enough cash between them for delivery are quite thankful.

“Wanna get a feed?” asks Soaker.

“Yeah. What can you get around here” responds Gobbler.

“Thai. Not bad”

“Is it walking distance?”



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