A random cat who has refused to run away after being approached by an unknown pedestrian, is actually quite scary.

While walking down the street to catch the bus from a nearby main road, one local man was presented with the inconvenient and humiliating experience with being bumped down a few places in the animal kingdom, by a sassy cat.

“It isn’t even a stray” says out of towner, Joh McRombie (31) who has almost had to cross the street to avoid the possessed family pet that has refused to run away like most random suburban cats do.

“Like, either I walk on it, or I try to walk past it” he says.

“Either way I feel like I’m about to get cat-bitten – or at least scratched”

“Look at those fucking eyes. It’s not scared of me at all”

After walking around the harmless feline with great distance, even forcing himself to walk in the gutter and off the nature street completely, Joh was left with chills after the cat keep staring as he passed by.

“Its neck spun like the little girl from the exorcist.”

“Like it was seeing me off”

Joh says he feels completely emasculated by this encounter, and says it paints a much bigger picture as to how rough this suburb must be, if even the cat can tell he’s not from here.

“It had clipped claws and a little love heart shaped necklace and everything”

“I just got staunched by a cat”

“This area must be fucking rough”


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