Steve Comimo was collectively told by his friends to “shut the fuck up about Bitcoin” today.

The move comes after months of constant reminders from Comino about the fact that he once considered purchasing some Bitcoin.

Shortly after arriving at the Royal in the Ponds, for a few afternoon drinks and a catchup, Comino told the rest of the boys how much bitcoin was worth.

“Boys, it’s up to 25,000 AUD’s a coin. Jesus Christ. I was gonna buy some at the start of the year. I really was. I was going to get 5 of em. Imagine how different my life could have been,” he said.

“Holy fuck mate, would you just give it a rest. No one fucking cares. You were never gonna buy them anyway you sack of shit,” said Tom Morris, a close friend.

Morris told The Advocate that Comino is the kind of guy who was “gonna get on that horse” or “gonna back that team to win,” but never actually does, and only reveals his intentions in hindsight.

“I’m sick of his shit. I really am.”

Comino said that he 100% was going to buy the coins and can’t understand why everyone has an issue with him going on about it.

Comino’s girlfriend said she has had enough of the cyrpto chat too.

“It’s not even real money. I don’t understand why he keeps going on about this seemingly intangible coin that was going to make him rich,” she said.


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