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A 16-year-old Betoota Grove boy woke this morning with a sense of immense pride.

Last night Nick Green impressed guests at his sleepover by successfully executing the flamethrower, a stunt that sees antiperspirant deodorant sprayed over a naked flame.

The Advocate caught up with Nick shortly after his guests left.

“Wow!” exclaimed Nick. “If this doesn’t make me cool, nothing will. None of them noticed I had an PS4 and an Xbox,”

The promising vandal first observed this flaming feat while visiting his older cousin Tyson (28), a fridge technician from nearby Betoota Ponds. According to Nick, he witnessed Tyson perform the stunt in front of his own friends, who were very impressed with cousin Ty’s pyromancy skills.

According to Tyson, he willingly taught his younger cousin the flamethrower in an effort to help him make friends.

“Nick’s a bit of a labrador in a kelpie’s world, you know? Picking up what I’m putting down?” he asked.

“The flamethrower is grouse, but. Me and the boys [sic] usually whip it out for old time’s sake but yeah. Hopefully, it helps young Nicky boy transition into manhood. It takes a real man to do the flamethrower.”

At this stage, it’s unclear whether the flamethrower will ever lose its local appeal.

More to come.


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