A recent report by Monash University has found that cricketing great Shane Keith Warne is looking quite handsome, when it comes to body mass index, skin tone, hairstyle and facial symmetry.

The study was conducted after calls to clarify whether Shane is looking good in general, or looking good in comparison to his previous ‘baked beans’ era.

The research results, which were released this morning, point to irrefutable evidence that Shane is looking good in general – better than a majority of Australian men, in fact.

“Dammmnn” said one researcher, Professor Ian Lawry.

“He’s looking pretty good the big fella”

“Bowling Shane”

With the new Channel 9 commentary panel announced yesterday, it has also become quite clear that Shane Warne is currently the most attractive man in sports entertainment.

“He’s in peak condition” says one ex-lover, Sharon.

“I didn’t think he could ever be more attractive than he was when he was making life hell for the unexpectedly feisty Sri Lankan side during the One Stormy Summer of 96/96”

“But fuck me, he’s looking real goooood”



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