Another day, another cut at the ABC.

However, whilst the cuts normally hit the lower section of the pyramid at the public broadcaster, this time it’s someone near the top that will feel the brunt of it.

Instead of cutting the Saturday 5pm Bowls, or firing a few older producers in the radio arm of the organisation, the “Aunty,” has decided to cut the canned laughter for Q and A host Tony Jones’ one-liners.

The poster boy of the Ultimo based show was reportedly fuming after he was informed that the pre-planned snippets of laughter would no longer be a part of the show.

“I’m funny mate, and I am sure everyone will laugh at my jokes anyway, but it’s just a bit frustrating.”

“Like, if on the odd chance no one does, and I swivel towards the camera and smirk and it’s silent, it’s just going to look so dumb,” Jones said today.

“It doesn’t make sense at all, it’s not a smart commercial decision, they have to…”

We cut Jones off and jokingly told him that we “would take that as a comment,” at which point he told us we could “fuck off” and the phone line went dead.

The Murdoch Press is over the moon that the Q and A program has taken a hit, with Miranda Devine calling for the whole thing to be scrapped entirely.

“Getting rid of the canned laughter is great, but it’s gotta be cut entirely. The taxpayer-funded platform for cultural Marxists to push faux radical agendas by discussing things like climate change, indigenous issues and refugees is a blight on the ANZACS,” she said.


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