As the Queensland election enters it’s final lap, Pauline Hanson has today announced that One Nation is the only party taking the time to listen to the wants and needs of the working class – and how thankful they are to have their penalty rates taken from them.

One headline that has been greatly overshadowed by citizenship drama and postal votes, is that earlier this year the Senate passed legislation to cut more than $1 billion in welfare funding, including support for single-income families.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who was immediately singled out for blindly joining the Liberal Party in a decision that looks to impact hundreds of thousands of Australians in vulnerable positions, was quick to deflect attention from her involvement in the scrapping of penalty rates.

When asked if her decision to scrap penalty rates was, in fact, not a good thing for working Australians, Hanson responded by saying that she believes it is the first step towards banning Muslims from Australia.

“Ummmm… No, I don’t think it’s a bad thing” she said, attempting to justify both her promises to the terrified working class and the billionaire political donors that funded her entire campaign.

“You, see… These muslims. A lot of them are working in jobs that Australians wouldn’t work in”

“Which um, means that, a lot of them are on penalty rates”

“I think scrapping penalty rates is a good way of stopping these people from sending money to their family overseas and bringing them here”

After several minutes of bumbling, Hanson utilised the message that she realised she was trying to make.

“Scrapping penalty rates is the first step towards a Muslim ban!”

As One Nation ramps up it’s campaign for the upcoming QLD election, the leader of the party says she believes Queensland’s ‘battlers’ agree with her when it comes to slashing their own wages.

“It’s what they want. They are sick of all of this political correctness that allows them to be paid extra for their family time. We are the only ones listening to their pleas”


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