An alleged cold war is taking place in Betoota Heights as mum of four Catherine Young has produced her third tuna bake in as many months.

A seemingly reluctant family favourite, tuna mornay baked atop a bed of simply boiled penne is a staple of many Australian households and is considered a classic by many members of the caucasian community.

However, for the rest of the Young family, the idea of sitting down for another hot bowl of cheesy tuna and pasta has grown less comforting with each passing month.

“It’s almost like she is completely over cooking for us every night,” said husband and father Kieth Young in a pretty apt assessment of the situation. 

“It’s becoming a chore now. Get home, feed the dog, eat the tuna bake.”

According to the family matriarch, her monthly tuna bake comes more from a place of pure necessity rather than a subtle cry for help.

“I feel uninspired, why is it my job to come up with what we have for dinner every night and make it?” stated mother Young, ensuring her adult son was within hearing distance.

“Tuna bake never talks back, tuna bake never pretends to have homework when it’s time to hang the washing out. Tuna bake is there. Tuna bake listens. It understands.” 

Sensing the message, father Keith offered to step in and promised to help order pizza.


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