Fire breathing, and fire twirling is back! That’s according to yesterday’s protests in Sydney – after a since-detained man jumped at the opportunity to perform for a crowd much bigger than he’d ever get at BluesFest!

With over 14 million people unable to work in lockdown, and tens of thousands slipping through the cracks of the government’s reluctant and complicated supplement payments that were introduced in an effort to not have to re-introduce JobKeeper, the cities are now at boiling point.

Yesterday, Sydney and Melbourne hosted some of the most reckless and dangerous public demonstrations since the pandemic began – as thousands took to the streets in primal scream after months of severe incompetence from the government.

The crowd, which appeared to be mostly made up of laid off construction workers, also appeared to attract a large number of misfits from the political fringe.

It was an awkward marriage of crowds marching through Sydney today, as hippies united with Nazis and soccer mums to highlight their distrust of Scott Morrison and his government, with dangerous social media commentators stoking the fire online for months.

The only thing that all of yesterday’s protestors appeared to have in common was the fact they’ve been stripped of their self-worth and financial security by the constant lockdowns and bumbling government’s handling of this pandemic.

However, there is one industry that appears to be doing quite well during this pandemic – and it’s the last one anyone would expect.

It’s not the late night panellists peddling medical misinformation on Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News each night, and it isn’t Australian toilet paper manufacturers.

It’s the fire breathers. Or at least the bloke that was performing for the crowd at the Freedom March in Sydney.

With tens of thousands of protestors kind of just looking at him, the performer was treated to the biggest crowd of his career right up until the moment he got doused with a fire extinguisher and arrested.

Sydney has today recorded 141 new locally-acquired cases, and the entire state of New South Wales is praying that none of these reckless protestors had a scratchy throat.


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