PRIVILEGED TOOTHLESS BOGANS! The Australian media and political classes are relieved this morning, after the extremely dangerous and unorganised rally in Sydney’s CBD yesterday takes the heat off their friends in the government who have spent months cornering distressed citizens into finding comfort in unhelpful conspiracies.

For the last 24 hours social media has been awash with blatant classism from people who have a bit more than $500 a week to live off with slashed shifts, screaming kids at home, and zero rent relief.

This follows thousands of people taking to the streets to protest against lockdowns yesterday, after 6 weeks of broken promises and fuck all government support for working people.

This binfire of a protest, that eventually descended into violence against the police officers rushed in to break it up, has provided the pressure valve needed for the government to continue avoiding accountability.

Both the government’s supporters and their equally privileged woke opposition are today bonding over their new enemy: The deplorable fucking bogans from suburbs they used to joke about until it was considered politically incorrect.

These selfish low socio-economic and uneducated heathens – who have all been grouped together as “fascist anti-vaxxers” – will now be the preferred cause for this lockdown and out of control case numbers that have been steadily growing since well before the community reached boiling point yesterday.

And according to Twitter, the sole reason that yesterday’s events took place is because poor people have radicalised themselves over the Internet, and has nothing to do with a bipartisan effort to not re-introduce JobKeeper to neutralise the economic anxieties permeating through the city.

The footage of some fucking lunatic attempting to punch a police horse has also given these same commentators license to draw parallels between yesterday’s march and the Capitol Hill Insurrection – as they scramble to generate sympathy for the incompetent political elites who just announced their big Pfizer order that won’t arrive until 2023 at the latest. But the bungled jab roll-out is no longer an issue. Because bogans


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