NOT A GOOD LOOK SCOTTY: Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters breached restrictions to march through Sydney’s CBD to highlight the fact that they are struggling to accept the seriousness of the NSW outbreak.

The crowd marched towards through the suburb of Haymarket, which was declared a hotspot earlier today as the city records 163 new infections in the last 24 hours.

By the time the crowd reached George Street, a brawl broke out between protestors and cops, scenes that would be reported very differently if they unfolded during the Black Lives Matters marches last year.

The descent into violence in the Sydney march speaks to the bigger issue that the fear surrounding the jabs and the government control conspiracies thrive when working people have their self-worth stripped from them by a government who couldn’t even organise enough jabs to prevent this situation, and then generated fear and hesitancy towards them in order to buy more time when they arrived months later.

It was an awkward marriage of crowds marching through Sydney today, as hippies united with Nazis and soccer mums to highlight their distrust of Scott Morrison and his government, who only released their first public health campaign this month, around the time the US and UK confirmed they had immunised over 60% of their population.

While the march organisers insist it was ‘simply about freedom’ the anti-medical undertows were very present, proving the movement has grown in leaps and bounds ever since the concerted effort by Scott Morrison and NewsCorp to publicly undermine trust in our leading health experts to protect his Government.

What was once a few noisy linen-clad yuppies in Byron, has grown into a major movement of tens of thousands who are more than willing to march in the middle of a pandemic to point out that they don’t believe anything our politicians have to say anymore.

While this march is a damning insight into how the government is being perceived by the people, the Federal and state Government are secretly cheering for a new ‘super spreader’ event to scapegoat in their desperate attempts to blame this lockdown on the responsible actions of individuals.


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