The CSIRO has today concluded that “but, nah, Inglis is from Kempsey” can no longer be used to justify just how horrific the NSW Origin side has been over the last twelve years.

After comprehensively losing 24 of the last 36 matches, in what can only be described as the ‘actually trying to lose’ – the tide appears to be changing as the Blues look to debut a team of completely new blood.

The long-suffering Blues’ supporters have for many years puts this attrocious culture of losing down to the fact that Queensland captain, Greg Inglis, could have technically played for New South Wales, if his first grade debut hadn’t been on the north side of the Tweed.

CSIRO researchers have today released a new research report that indicates, even as one of the greatest players of all time, Inglis probably couldn’t have helped them.

“They were exceptionally bad” said lead researcher, Professor Mario Craigie.

“Even the greatest player in the world couldn’t have helped them”

The report states that while it is always good to have an excuse, the Queensland Maroons are actually at a higher standard of representative football than the All Blacks.

“That, plus the Blues were so fucking bad”

“Like they were much more bad than the Maroons were good”



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